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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Next Step....

Journal Entry June 20, 2011
Today is a new day!  With all the delays we finally made it home at midnight, by the time we went to bed it was early!  But we got up and were off doing the daily grind and trying to get things organized for the kids!  We do not have time to be sad just time to be excited!  We are in THE final process, our kids will be home before we know it so we will stay busy preparing for them!  Also, we still have items for sale so shop away!!
Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to answer our prayers!
Josh "helping" paint the boys room
OK...  so this philosophy although it sounds solid has now fallen apart!!  We have our moments, those moments of "I miss them so much I can't breathe!"  Every now and then it just hits one of us.  Josh struggles because to him this is still not real.  He has yet to meet the kids and although talking on the phone was cool he did not video chat and it is tough, he so wants them home.

We desperately hope getting the rooms complete will help our dilemma some.

Tomorrow there should be pictures of two completed bedrooms - one "all" boy complete with sports stuff and one girly girl complete with some pink, some polka dots and Amanda's all time favorite color chartreuse walls - Lord why did you let me give in!! LOL

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