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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Besties Forever

Journal Entry June 18, 2011

Today the Kids are a little distant and we understand.  So many parents come and go and three families left today.  It is difficult for them to understand that we are so close to bringing them home.  There is the language barrier and then there is the fact we cannot promise a date.
We did get a lot of information from Dr. Bernard today.  We learned that our children are his cousins! (2nd cousins, in Haiti it is all the same)  Dr. Bernard said that because we did not have to go to court we should be through the final processes much quicker than most who have gone before us.  Only one thing will slow us down and that is if the US Embassy decides to require DNA testing.  We are on our knees for this portion of the process to be expedited, that there will be no DNA testing needed and that maybe in about 8 weeks we could be bringing our Heaven Sent Haitians home!  God has this under control, we are sure!
Daddy helping Ben and Babella
Emotions for me are never a dime a dozen, I am just not one to really cry.  This adoption has changed that a little, not that emotions are a dime a dozen but the tears have flowed.  It has been difficult to not cry in front of the children but we are doing a good job so far.  Quick trips to the rest room or the balcony to regroup, we can do this!  Tomorrow will be the true test.  Thankfully in the few days we have been here we have learned enough creole and the kids haven learned more English so we could encourage them to be happy rather than sad.  We explained time goes by faster when we are happy rather than when we are sad!  Monique understands, Junior not as much and Frantz, well he is Frantzy-Frantz.
Besties Forever
These two gorgeous little lades are inseparable!  We are so grateful we are getting to know Ruth's family too!  The girls will be able to keep in contact, skype and even visit from time to time!
There is a professional photographer here who came for two weeks to not only come on a missions trip but to also make a final decision on adopting from Haiti and NLL.  We enjoyed talking with them and we are so excited for their adoption process.  We are hopeful we can help them through their process as others have been so generous in helping us.
Sleep will not be easy tonight...

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