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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You!!

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers and all those who came out and ate with us today!

We didn't make as much as we wanted but we still know God is in control!  He gave us peace about our adoption, the finances and process so we know He obviously has another plan. 

We can say we are $2,700.00 closer than we were yesterday and we are so thankful!! 

For those of you who support us prayerfully, emotionally, financially and...  We just can't describe how grateful we are for each of you!!

Keep July in your bonnets for our next event!

The Colson's

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shellandjim said...

Here is a little peek at one of the lessons the Father is teaching me in all of this adoption proces, it goes so well with what you just said! "If I let myself I could really work myself up into a sad, sad place wondering all the "whys" of why and how it is looking this way for our family and most of all for Lovely. But, the Father has tenderly been teaching me that HE is never surprised by how things are happening and that HE can ALWAYS be trusted,repeat: HE CAN ALWAYS BE TRUSTED..........oh, I wish I had already learned that lesson, and many times shake myself wondering just what will it take for me to learn it. But, for now we are "making ready" the place in our home for our Lovely! Planning all that we as a family will do when her arrival finally comes and trying very hard to live in this moment we are in right now with a heart and spirit of faith and thanksgiving. Knowing that one day this time, ALL of this time will be ALL a part of the beautiful picture that has made us a family of faith,joy, and Love!
Still trusting,praying, and thanking Jesus!!!
Can't wait for the day when the whole picture is shown to us and we fly off to that beautiful place to bring our babes home!! Praying for that day,trusting Jesus for that day!Shell