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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday, JoAnne's, IBESR and Haiti

Yes, they correlate sort of.

So...  I decided yesterday I would "run" to JoAnne's and throw this project together for the kids and get it shipped to Charlotte so our friends could take it to Haiti Saturday morning when they leave.  Well, I got side tracked.  Easy to do in JoAnne's right?
Haiti said yes!
Yesterday was Steve's birthday so as I am side tracked in JoAnne's talking on the phone to another adoptive family my personal cell phone rings (this will be Monique's cell phone for future reference), it is Steve.  Oh dear, the time is all I could think of.  It is after all his birthday and I am shopping at JoAnne's for a project I should have started last week!

Sweet, sweet Amanda answers the phone and she immediately gets the sense something is not right.  Steve asks if she read the email.  "What email? I don't read mom's email. Why? what's wrong?" By this time I am trying to get off the phone as the conversation was ending and I needed to buy my stuff and get home to rectify my husband's falling apart birthday! The rest is really a blur, something about reading my email, we might be out of IBESR and...

Can you say SCREAM?  Yes, I did.  Just once, one little or maybe not so little scream.  I was jumping up and down, crying and well I just don't care.  This is not news you get everyday, on your husbands birthday!!  Of course I was jumping, crying, screaming and...  I could  not focus but I did eventually make it out of the store with my purchases,  I will complete my project over the this weekend and I will take them with me next week when we visit our sweet precious Heaven Sent Haitians in Haiti!!  And Steve will get his birthday well maybe on Father's Day we will do a bigger better day for him!.

"Mama Blanc?" (he is always looking in the camera for me)
We just have legalization (times 4 steps) passports, visas and I am not sure what else but... we are over yet another hurdle in the adoption journey and we are so blessed to share it with you!

We are so close to being funded but we are just not there yet...  Would you consider a donation?  Just click on the image below and watch the thermometer rise!  Yes, you will see your donation that quick!

 DonationsTracker.com - Live Donations Tracking for Heaven Sent Haitians Orphanage Fees
 Thank you again in advance for your prayers and support, we not only feel your prayers but we see God moving and we are so blessed!

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