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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting Day - Monique, Junior and Frantz

Up at 3:00am, well ok, 3:10...  We are going to be late, I know, we always are.  In the 17 years we have been married I have finally learned to just accept being late rather ruining a perfectly good day by being angry with the man God made perfect.  I like to be early and he doesn't care if he is late.  The flight I am sure is over sold because we can not get seat assignments online.  Getting to the airport early is imperative for no other reason but to have seats.  We can do this!
We have last minute things we realize we didn't pack but want to. Josh, where are my head phones?  I know he has them, he told me he did - I forgot. He is in Florida!  I only use them on trips and didn't think to buy another pair until I reached for them this morning.
We arrived to the airport only 15 minutes later than planned which is good for us! Yeah!! There is a group of kids going on a missions trip and I am certain now the flight is over sold.  Why do they do this?  We have traveled enough so we know the routine.  Steve is calm, I am a wreck! In a few minutes they will start asking for volunteers to give up their seats...  Did we buy our tickets last or does it go by who checked in last?  Will we be the ones forced to wait for the next flight?  I would normally take the voucher and wait but today, no, today is special!  They need one volunteer...  No one is going forward.  I have these thoughts racing through my mind... I can grab the mic and plead for that one person to give up their seat, it is out of my comfort zone but hey I NEED to get to Haiti, you are just going on a vacation or on a missions trip surely for 3 orphans you will give up your seat?  Now that would be a missions trip sort of right?  Finally I get the courage to go up and check if we have seats, the attendant had called other names but not ours.  Surely asking before doing something so desperate would be wise!  AND there in her stack were our two beautiful tickets!  Yes, I cried, a little.  We even get to sit next to each other!  We have seat assignments for the reminder of our flights today and on our return home.  Today can only get better! (the turbulence does need to go!)
When we travel for obvious reasons we often times compared to the Griswald's.  We do laugh at ourselves!!
Papa and his three Heaven Sent Haitians
There really are not words to describe the moment my eyes met Junior's for the first time in 14 months, for the first time as his "mama blanc".  I did not have the camera but I will have his precious smile and the glow of his face forever embedded in my memory.  Frantz, he had a sheepish smile, excited and nervous but the all familiar words "mama blanc" resonate in my ears and will fill my heart everyday until I can physically here him again say "mama".  Monique - WOW!  So much more beautiful in person than cameras could ever begin to depict.  She has a smile from ear to ear but you can see the hesitation in her body language, she wants to be accepted and with open arms that is exactly what we did!

Mama and her three Heaven Sent Haitians
Daddy's little girl?
Yea, I think so!
A BIG shout out to Junior who was our photographer!  Yes, most of the shots you will see of our trip are taken by Junior, a few by Monique and well Steve and I took a couple but not many!

Check out our media page, we will upload all the pictures from and videos from our trip.

Thank you will never be enough for all your prayers and support!  Most importantly we give all the praise to Jesus!!  Today could have gone better!

Disclaimer...  You will not see many pictures of Frantz, it wasn't that he wasn't with us he is just fast, busy and well hard to get a still picture!!  We love our Frantzy-Frantz!!

In Him,
the Colson's
We are: Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantz!

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The Estes Family said...

Crying reading this post!!!! I love it and can just picture Junior when he first saw you....those babies have waited so long for their turn!

Thanks for sharing!!