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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Market

Journal Entry June 17, 2011

Today we went to the look out which has a small market and we went to the Baptist Mission which has a small market, museum, and a zoo, if you want to call less than 10 species a zoo.
The kids wanted to go to a different market but were happy to be out of the creche.  Monique and Junior had a really good time but Frantz was out of his element. We were not certain he was ecstatic  about us being his parents anymore!?  Once we returned to the guest house Frantzy-Frantz was back to himself!
This is NOT the market the expected
 Junior and Monique picked this picture out but it was not the "item" Junior was hoping for!  The kids want something to call their own but in an orphanage there really is no such thing.  We will take the painting home, frame it and hang it so when they come home they will have the memory of our shopping trip.  Then we go to the market (mall) and they can get a few things.  :o)
Port au Prince from  the look out

Bethel Guest House

Something about a bus ride
The kids are sad today because they know all the other adoptive parents leave tomorrow.  They think we are leaving tomorrow too.  We haven't told them when we leave but we did let them know we are not leaving tomorrow.  We haven't told them yet because we will spend our time together sad and we do not want to be sad.
We have had fun on this roller coaster visit.  The view, the people, the atmosphere, we love Haiti and we are thankful for her fruit.

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