Our Dream Come True!

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Colson Jams

The Colson's

We met...  Steve and I were both in the Naval Reserves and are both Radiologic Technologists...  We met at the Radiology school.  Steve was there for classes and I was there taking my entrance exam with my Naval Recruiter.  That was...  1989 - WOW how time flies when you are having fun!!! 

We were friends for a few years before we actually dated and then later married in early 1994.

Amanda Carlie Colson was born prematurely August 19, 1994 - a very wonderful day in the history of our family!!
Joshua Aaron Colson was born prematurely May 5, 1997 - another very wonderful day in the history of our family!!

We wanted more children but abse don this history we knew the dream of adoption that still clung to our hearts for a reason!  We would one day have more children just not through birth.

We have owned two Rottweilers - the absolute best dogs we have ever owned or ever could own especially with small children!  May Jasper and Kornigan rest in peace.  We just recently added Sergeant Major to our family and he is proving to be another more than perfect Rottie!  We also have two spoiled rotten Havanese dogs - Emma and Carlos. 

We lived in Albuquerque, NM for several years.  Steve was born and raised in NM, I lived there for almost 20 years and both our children were born there.  We currently reside joyfully in
Franklin, TN -  home sweet home!

Since we have lived in TN we have decided to follow our hearts with fostering and adoption.   Over the past 4 years we have fostered 11 children in our home!  Yes, we have had some busy times, stressful times and just plain hectic times but we consider each moment with each child pure joy.  Loving God's orphans is an amazing experience.
The next steps God has in our journey is our adoption of three beautiful children from Haiti.  Creole anyone?  Yes, they speak Creole in Haiti which is a dialect of French we are trying to learn!
Thank you in advance for walking with us on our adoption journey.  We know your commitment will make a difference God hears all prayers and He is providing.
In Him

Colson JAMS