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Monday, May 21, 2012

Be a Small Part of Something REALLY Big!

Do you want to be a small part of something really big??

We started with 400 people + $25.00 each = FUNDED!


Will you be a part? Will you not only donate $25.00 but share the link above and ask others to donate as well?

The worst that will happen is they will ignore your post... BUT the greatest thing that could happen is that 1, 2 or 3 of your friends would do as you did and before you know it BAM! We are FUNDED!!

Let's do this!!

You can track our earning at www.colsonjams.blogspot.com just watch the thermometer rise!!

The Colson's
Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantz

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hysterical, Literally!

Just so you know there is one in our house who never cries, I mean rarely ever!  Rarely ever does she call her husband her at work...

Today she called her husband at work crying hysterically, he understandably nearly had a coronary arrest (thank God he works in a hospital)...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Colson,

We are pleased to inform you that the I-604 process is complete, and Junior, Frantz and Monique Pierre Charles Colson may now be scheduled for the final visa interview with the Department of State.  The visa interview is scheduled for May 15th, 2012 at 11:30 am at the Consular Section.


It has been just over a 2 years since the photos above were taken...

It well be a year in Junes the pictures below were taken...


Praising God for all His mercies are new each day!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mountains Into Mole Hills

Just a speedy update... What was a potential mountain our God so graciously turned into a little mole hole.  Yesterday afternoon near the close of business in Haiti we received the email... "Your 'new' documents have been submitted to the US Embassy today."

So thankful we serve an awesome and mighty God!!  So thankful we have a team of prayer warriors praying on their knees, in their cars, at the dinner table and all the other places our team has found the time to pray for our children!!  Thank you doesn't even come close to gratitude we have for your support.

We praise our God this morning as we rise to yet another beautiful and majestic day!!

All 7 of us, we are 1 even across the miles!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paperwork Smaperwork!

Praying Monique, Junior and Frantz - HOME!
So... for those who are not on Facebook and follow us here...  There is a glitch, imagine that!

You know that "gut" feeling you get or that someone you know gets?  That feeling they won't let go of and you get frustrated when they are right??  Well, I get those feelings and it is unfortunate that this time I was not wrong.  For a while I felt like our file isn't being looked at, it is sitting there and what if there is something not right with it, this will add more time.  "Really feel like they will find something isn't right with our file." We tried for weeks to get someone to look at the file.  "Please be informed that your adoption dossiers are still pending as we are in the process of performing the required necessary administrative processing."  This is the response we received time after time when we inquired about our case. 

Last week was a last straw, the anxiety of knowing in my heart something wasn't right and that time was just passing by day after day leaving our children with the unmet need of a forever family, it just became overwhelming.  So, we sent some emails, made some calls, we could have said a few things in a nicer way but we really have no regrets.  Our kids are more important than being sure we said the most politically correct words.  The point is they were not doing their job and our kids are paying the cost.  Here is where we know we are.  We have an issue with a document for Junior and the same document for Frantz.  How they have Monique's and not theirs we are not sure.  This document has to be re-done according to the embassy, they will not accept the "found" version.  "In order for their cases to move forward a valid (new) Extrait must be obtained from the Tribunal de Paix in Mirebalais."  We do not know the time frame this puts on our process.

Where does that leave us really?  Heartbroken, desperate for God to show us He is right here with us, holding us, and fundraising!  We are still needing some funds to finish paying the orphanage and then if this process continues to drag out we would like for one of us to go to Haiti and live with the children until which time they can be granted visas to come home.  We had already begun the research of places to stay, cost, would it help to be there everyday, etc...  Yes, we have peace.

We are guessing Satan just needed to be reminded we serve a mighty God who called us for such a time as this, we gather our strength and wisdom from Him, He guides our paths and with Him we will never stop fighting for our children or anything else God calls us to.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer, financially and any other way you have continued to support us.  We appreciate every ounce of support, every ounce.

Resting faithfully in His arms,
Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantz

Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Not Good Enough!

It was love at 1st sight!
We haven't said much because there isn't much to say...

We are nearing the end (or at least we think) of the first phase of adoption, the waiting...

We are more then ecstatic to begin the 2nd phase of adoption having our children home! 

We are just waiting on the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince to finish their investigation, deem it all legitimate and schedule our Visa appointment.  The orphanage will then let us know a day in which we can arrive for the children.  This is usually 4-5 business days after the Visa appointment.  They just like to make sure the Visa appointment is not rescheduled and the last piece of paperwork from IBESR is finished before families arrive.

Joshua and Melanie went for a visit in January.  We were able to help launch MyLifeSpeaks in Haiti on the 2nd memorial of the January 12th Earthquake.  Everyone had a wonderful time helping and being apart of something so amazing that only God could have orchestrated! 

MyLifeSpeaks church service
This IS for us, the hardest wait.  We have emailed, called, re-emailed and receive the response from everyone.  It is a vague canned response and to an adoptive family it is not good enough.

In the mean time would you consider supporting our adoption?

You can go to the "support" tab of our blog site and find many ways to contribute. 

147 is having a Spring sale and the purchases made through our link helps to support our adoption.

There is coffee, wickless candles, jewelry, tote bags and much more!

Thank you for your support!  We appreciate all the prayers and monetary supports! 

The King's are going home!
While in Haiti we did get to see that children do go home!  Marrisa and Elie King went home to Mount Juliet, TN!  We love the King family and are so happy for them!!  The King's are doing well adjusting to 5 children and managing Creole with their English!  Congratulations King Family!

In Him,
The Colson's
Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantz

Friday, February 3, 2012

FUNdraising x 2

OK...  We are stepping it up a notch here...  We just found this fabulous website last night and we MUST share!!!  For those of you who "Just Love Coffee" this is an awesome way to support our adoption!!  The proceeds are generous and we are grateful for their ministry to orphans and helping others!

You just have go to the site to see ALL the flavors and countries represented!  Rwanda, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and...  We can say the Jamaican Blue Mountain is fabulous!!  We had this many years ago and are so excited we have a source for more!!

We are still running our "A Charity Project" so if you just feel led to give please be our guest!

Thank you in advance for praying for us, sharing our story, supporting us in all the ways you do!
We couldn't do this without all the many facets of support.

Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantzy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's a FUNdraiser

click above link

Heaven Sent Haitians Fundraising Details

We would like to offer 5 for $5 or even a BOGO

BUT  we are asking you to donate only $12.50
because the reality is we just need to finish paying the orphanage!
Our kiddos will likely be coming home late February or early March of 2012!
YES, that is right around the corner!
We only need $18,700
($17,500 remaining orphanage fees and $1,200 visa fees)

That's a lot of cash!!
Total Cost to adopt 3 from Haiti with airfare:  $53,700.00 (approximate)
$18,700 doesn't look so bad anymore does it??

    SO... The plan is...share our link and ask your friends to donate just $12.50 (that's one dinner out)
Then they share the link too, and if 1500 people donate $12.50 each... we are covered!
  Share our link, ask your friends to donate, tweet, facebook, email and blog about it!
Stop strangers on the street, put flyers on windshields,
be creative just keep it legal and moral!
God will bless every donation and turn yours into thousands bringing our kiddos home!
    Thank you for bringing our Heaven Sent Haitians closer to home!
~Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua and our Heaven Sent Haitians
p.s. all excess funds will be given to other adoptive families we know currently in the process.

click above link