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Monday, November 29, 2010

"Wait" - Oh, Yay!!!

Saturday we had a little meltdown.  Yes, we have a very tender hearted one in the house who thinks about what Monique, Junior and Frantz are going through on a daily basis.  "I just can't imagine not having my mom or dad with me."  "I mean I love kids, people and what goes on in their hearts and I just want my brothers and sister home so they can have what I have and they won't have to wonder or worry anymore." "We don't have a lot of material things but what we have as a family can't be measured."  As parents we cried with our son because at 13 to love so compassionately 3 children he has never met who live an ocean away is not only amazing but unfathomable for most kids his age.  God gifted Joshua with a heart that beats to His rhythm and it is a true gift. 

So this has everything to with Church and why it is important to go and hear the Word God has just for you.  The message at church yesterday was more for us than anyone we think based on our previous day.  Do you ever feel that way?  Like God could send everyone else home because He was barking up your tree today?  As if He gave the pastor a home video of your family over the past few days or weeks?  Well, yesterday was Colson day at Fellowship Bible Church!

"Wait" was the message.  Josh just sighed in his seat but as the message went on he started to see just what God had for us.  Most who know me know I love to surprise my family with special gifts, moments, things they would least expect.  I anticipate the very moment of the unveiling with such excitement I most often times can hardly contain myself - waiting.  I ponder if they figured it out already, what will they think, how will they react, and I am so built up by the time the moment arrives  nothing will ruin it and it is always so much better than I ever could have imagined.  I love surprising my family and the people I love!  Josh has seen this in me over and over.  What does this have to with church and God?  Everything!

God is asking us to "wait", anticipate, dream, look forward to, prepare, ponder, build up and expect something so great we will surely not be disappointed.  So we will wait with great anticipation of what God is teaching us in this process, what wonders He has for us (all 7 of us) and we will not be disappointed.  God has been preparing us for this adoption, these three beautiful kids for years!  We know He is excited waiting for that unveiling moment and we are certain He won't be disappointed and He won't disappoint us!

God is so good!!

We were able to swallow this "wait". The four of us decided we would wait as long as God has determined. We swallowed hard but agreed. We did this while we did a little errand running after church and guess what was in the email when we got home?  "I have completed your home study and it is in the mail".  Whoooo  Hoooooo!!!  Yes, our home study is on the way!!  Yes, we can "wait", no we do not really want to.  We want the thrill, the excitement, the joy of having our kids home right now today but God has a bigger better plan and we will do our best to keep our eyes on it.

It is all still a matter of time...  Certification (to be completed by Friday), translation, fingerprints, etc...  We choose to look at it as just one step closer to bringing our kids home!!  The process should start to go a little faster now.

Thank you for supporting us in which ever way you have committed to.  We feel your prayers and we see the adoption fund is growing.  We appreciate you walking with us, you all are ALL amazing and we are honored to share this journey with you.

In Faith,
the Colson's

Please see our "Support Us" page for items you can purchase to help support our adoption.  We add things so keep checking back!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We all have butterflies in our stomachs.  There is no real explanation.  We are excited about whatever it is God has for us next, we guess.  That is the only explanation we can come up with.  I think it is awesome God has the four of us on the same level of excitedness and we can't help but wonder... are Monique, Junior and Frantzy excited too?  We hope so!  

There is not a day that goes by we haven't thought about, prayed, ponder on and wonder what about our Heaven Sent Haitians.  Somehow Lord we hope and pray you are giving and showing them your perfect love.  We can't help but hope that will sustain them until we can physically hold them in our arms and give them the earthly physical love and bonding every child needs.

We day dream about future Holidays together...  What we will do next Thanksgiving together - ALL 7 of us!  What will Christmas be like?  I can see us standing around a piano singing Christmas carols in English and Creole while Amanda rocks them out on the keys with the fire flickering in the background and the tree lights dancing to the joy of our hearts! (I hope we can find a nice used piano sometime between now and then!)

I dream about our Heaven Sent Haitians at night too!  Monique and Junior are always together but they always have Frantz on their mind.  Like last night when for some reason Frantz was not with us but they brought me a picture of all three of them with a worried expression trying to ask that we were adopting him too.  The dream of course ended with all 7 of us boarding the plane to come home!  Tears of joy streaming down all our faces. 

Will life be this perfect?  Absolutely!!  Now we are not saying we will not have bumps and bruises, we were foster parents for a few years, we have two teenagers, we know about bumps and bruises. The bumps and bruises will bring us closer together, that's our choice. Think about it, without the bumps and bruises of life how will we know how perfect life really is? Much less to celebrate a holiday together - all 7 of us?

Lord, please expedite all pending adoptions, not just ours - every single one.  Open the hearts of the judges, the paper pushers in immigration, the IBESR, the consolate, the social workers, whomever might be slowing the process. We ask Lord that you soften their hearts towards the needs of the children to have a home, a mom and a dad and in some cases siblings.  A bed to call their own, clothes and toys to call their own.  A home Lord, please open the doors and allow your children to come home to the homes you chose for them!

I can't stop thinking of all the orphans...  Thank you Lord for breaking my heart for what breaks yours and continue to break it until my heart is yours!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amazed, Awed and Breathless

First of all thank you will never be enough!  We cannot thank Puffy Muffin, our volunteers or  our contributors enough!  God blew our socks off Sunday at the Puffy Muffin and we just do not have the words to describe it!

There were moments our breath was literally taken away!  The tables were full and at times there was a line out the door!  I kept thinking God loves our kids this much!!  Then God reminded me "No, they are my kids just like you are and I love each of you this much!"  This took my breath away.  I know God loves me, we all know He love us - right?  No, every now and then we need to be reminded (shown) of not just the depth of His love but the breadth.

Please enjoy these pictures of what our family deems as one of the best days of our lives! Be sure to scroll all the way down, there is a very nice surprise there too!!  Then check out the photo section of our blog where all the photos from the day will be posted very soon!

Whitney our young cook with Mr. Burns

Our average volunteer age was 16, yes 16!  Our teens worked from 9am until 4pm without skipping a beat, taking a break or even hinting they wanted to quit!!  We could not have pulled this off without ALL our volunteers!! 

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to scroll to the end...

Josh our dishwasher (13)

MacKenzie one of our star waitresses (15)

Erin and Sarah (16 and 14)
(And the 14th was someone's sweet 16!)

 Shannon and Amanda (both 16)
Scott and Steve (adults...)


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Walking in abundant faith with Christ who is our strength, shield, healer, redeemer, friend and OH so much more!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adoption Fundraiser - Puffy Muffin

We hope to see you today!

If you can't make it by please take the time to donate. 
DonationsTracker.com - Make a Donation to Heaven Sent Haitians

You can either use the "easy donate button" or send a check to Fellowship Bible Church 1210 Franklin Rd Brentwood, TN 37027 with "I Choose You - Colson Family" in the memo section.  Sending a check to the church is 100% tax deductible.

We will be posting pictures of this fun filled event very soon!

the Colson's

Friday, November 12, 2010

Gearing Up!

We are so excited about this Sunday at the Puffy Muffin!

Remember we will have 147 Million Orphan gear on site! 

Scentsy wickless candles will be on site with some new scents and a "Buddy" for the precious little one in your life, they will love it forever! 

We have 2 free passes to Franklin Athletic Club.  Every adult who eats gets to enter to win one!

We will of course also have our own Heaven Sent Haitian T's, totes and a new hot off the presses coloring/activity book about our heaven Sent Haitians and adoption.

You can come shop even if you do not plan on eating.

Can't make the event but want to be a part of the blessing?  Donate now! Just hit the that was easy to "donate" button.   DonationsTracker.com - Make a Donation to Heaven Sent Haitians

You all are a blessing and we are honored to have each of you on our team!!
In Him,
the Colson's

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For a LIMITED Time 147 Million Orphans Gear

We have several styles in stock, hoodies, beanies, toddler sizes....
AND many more!!
visit 147 Million Orphans and then email us with the style and size!!
Remember to visit the Puffy Muffin in Brentwood Sunday between 10 and 3pm for brunch!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Puffy Muffin Partners with the Colson Family

147 Million Orphans
Exclusive Heaven Sent Haitian Designs
by Stepanie Hagen
Scentsy Raffle items