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Thursday, January 26, 2012

It's a FUNdraiser

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Heaven Sent Haitians Fundraising Details

We would like to offer 5 for $5 or even a BOGO

BUT  we are asking you to donate only $12.50
because the reality is we just need to finish paying the orphanage!
Our kiddos will likely be coming home late February or early March of 2012!
YES, that is right around the corner!
We only need $18,700
($17,500 remaining orphanage fees and $1,200 visa fees)

That's a lot of cash!!
Total Cost to adopt 3 from Haiti with airfare:  $53,700.00 (approximate)
$18,700 doesn't look so bad anymore does it??

    SO... The plan is...share our link and ask your friends to donate just $12.50 (that's one dinner out)
Then they share the link too, and if 1500 people donate $12.50 each... we are covered!
  Share our link, ask your friends to donate, tweet, facebook, email and blog about it!
Stop strangers on the street, put flyers on windshields,
be creative just keep it legal and moral!
God will bless every donation and turn yours into thousands bringing our kiddos home!
    Thank you for bringing our Heaven Sent Haitians closer to home!
~Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua and our Heaven Sent Haitians
p.s. all excess funds will be given to other adoptive families we know currently in the process.

click above link