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Monday, July 4, 2011

Some Days...

The adoption journey is described as a roller coaster by many.  This is true in my opinion.  One day I am up, the next day I am down feeling my stomach being left at the top of some high hill top somewhere wondering if it will ever meet back with my body.

Tears of joy, tears of deep aching and longing and bitter sweet memories of a time well spent in Haiti with our precious Heaven Sent Haitians.  We love them, have we mentioned that?

Monique, she has the most beautiful slightly bashful smile.  When she looks into your eyes you can see pure joy right down to her toes.  She has a gentle touch and a determined spirit.  When she comes to America she wants to dance and we want her to too! She is old enough to know we have accepted her and we love her for who she is and she is so excited to come home! 

Junior, such a gentle soul.  You can see wisdom and experience in his eyes and love that is unconditional with a distinct need to be loved back.  He wants to play football - blue like his brother Josh.  We can manage football but we can't promise a color.  Lord let him make the blue team next year and let him get his brothers number.  It is the simple things that make Junior not only happy but content.

Frantz, he is as curious and energetic as he is starving to be able to trust we will love him forever.  He wants to play football like his older brothers and he wants toy cars.  We think he wants his own things too, to not have to share.  We will make sure he has a few things to call his own.  Frantz is a year too young to get involved with sports of any kind so we will just work on English, getting him some toys and settling into America!

Priceless, they are priceless.  The moment we return to Haiti to bring them home will not be a moment too soon. 

We did some work on their bed rooms and bathroom closet...  We sure hope the kids like it!!

Junior and Frantzy
Josh and an extra


The Raudenbush Family said...

They are absolutely gorgeous children with such a light about them!

shellandjim said...

Just read this again tonight and so understand your heart! I so do NOT like roller coasters and yet, God has us ALL on one and like it or not it is part of the perfect picture HE is painting! So anxious for the time when this is "all a memory" and praying that for you tonight and always as well~Shell