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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Emotions are Needs

I slept well and can't believe I slept in!  Oh, just kidding!  The sun is bright in Haiti, I forgot! The time... It is only 5:15!
Junior is wide awake while Monique, Frantz and papa still sleep.  Junior on his own came and snuggled with me, this is one of the many reasons having children is worth "it".  I am not sure what your "it" is but children are worth "it".

Papa helping Ben and Babella

You will never realize the depth of your heart or God's love if you do not ever take the risk to pour into someone else. From the 1st moment we accepted the referral for our kids we loved them like our own flesh and blood.  Being here, seeing their precious faces, fixing their woes, yes we do love them like our own. There was no hesitation. 
So daddy took off his socks so Frantz could have them.  LOL
Junior love riding bikes!
We had a couple melt downs...  Momo lost her letter from Hudson, you would have thought the Earth shattered!  Ahhh but Mommy found it, it was never lost, just fell under the drawer...  Papa decided to wear socks, no big deal right?  Not to a 4 year old who doesn't have any!  Monique quickly corrected the no sock look and Papa opted for the flip flop look.

The kids were disappointed we didn't bring shoes for them...  We didn't want to guess wrong so...  We drew a few feet and are sending shoes with the a missions team leaving this Friday.  :o)
We have to get the right shoe size!
 We still cannot put into words all the emotions!  We knew the kids had an older sister who gave her baby up for adoption. We wondered if we would meet her.  Wonder no more!  Claudette is a little older than Monique and her baby, Peter is 6 months old.  We spoke with Claudette for a while sort of.  Claudette speaks little to no English and we speak just about as much Creole!  She has a big heart and seems to be pleased we are Monique, Junior and Frantz new parents. We struggle knowing there is nothing we can do for Claudette.  We are praying for her! Peter does have a family here in the states so we are very happy about that!
Auntie "M" and Peter
Junior, Monique, Peter, Frantz and Claudette
It is amazing how when I need Creole, Spanish comes out so easily!  We have all laughed so hard today over so many things, bonding and realizing God has His hand over our relationships!  To think we were so worried!

We were prepared for emotions but not this many!  Having grown up in a home where emotions were not allowed, I can say adoption is healing some of those remaining scars...  I have never been a "crier", that is until adoption...  Emotions are needs and tears of Joy are priceless!

We still do not have words and we just aren't sure this is really real!

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