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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God Orchestrats ALL

Journal Entry June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day - Dad's!

Well, sleep was not really an option.  First there was a lizard on the wall...  Yep, I am just not fond of sleeping with reptiles.  You know I prayed that thing out of our room for hours, God must be busy answering my other prayers - IT is still here! Then the thoughts of when could the kids come home, how they will handle us leaving, how will we handle leaving and the "things" I need to do once we do get home ALL swirled around so much I did not sleep well.
Welcome to Haiti - right?
It is so much easier to pretend to be happy when you are over 40!
This morning there are a million emotions dancing in my head and heart and there are just as many things to do when we get home to prepare for our children's homecoming!  I will sleep later, I am sure.  We all started out fine but the question soon started "mommy me creche?" "no, pita".  As the time wore on the question was asked more and more, we tried explaining that after church they would go to the creche and that while they are at church we would go back to America to finish preparing for them to come home.  They would ask in 2 weeks we go to America, no.... Oh how I love Cindy and Nika, the translators for BGM!   We finally thought of writing to them where we are in the process and how we are praying for this last portion to go very quickly but that there is no specific time, we just have to wait for the papers to be finished and we are praying for them to finished very quickly.  They got it!  A few minutes later they got in the van to go to church, not happy but ok and we went down to our room, finished packing, wrote them each one last little note to place on their bed so when they go to sleep tonight, they will know we are thinking of them and we that we love them "muy anpil"!  Yes, I had a hard time with creole!  Our poor babies got Spanish almost as much as creole especially the first day.

The night before we left
Steve and I did ok.  We watched the Blind Side (again, just one of our favs!) during our 2.5 hour delay in Port au Prince and little SJ is so much like Frantz we would just cry!  Then there is Junior, oh how I long to hold his delicate soul everyday! Monique, "Amanda pale Joshie heeeeeeeyyyyyy"!, her smile and she calls us "Mommy and Daddy" yep we cried a little on the way home!

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