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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Having Fun!

Time flies when you are having fun! We decided that with so many children and the amount of time it will take to actually adopt that we would chose to have fun rather than allowing the disappointments to change our hearts. We took our PATH class and graduated 18 months ago and have fostered 5 children! Through the course of fostering, we realized that TN might not be the right place to adopt from so we took our online searching more seriously just after the New Year began.

Adopting is similar regardless the route you take except some of the terminology is a little different but we believe the outcome will be very similar; a happy family and happy children!

There are a couple of cases we have turned in home studies for and would appreciate your prayer on.

The first group is from SC Kiara and Keanu. We do not have much info on these little ones. We saw them online in the fall and they went off line and back on... They were actually the first kids we submitted an interest form for and this started the chain reaction! Kiara and Keanu look a lot like us or at least they look like our kids did at their ages; blonde hair and big brown eyes! We should hear from their case worker in 6-8 weeks.

The next set are two children in Florida their names are Chelsea and Joseph. We came across them by accident. We had come to the conclusion that a sibling group is what we are drawn to so that must be the path God has for us. Amanda is so drawn to all the children and decided to finish her search of girls in FL and last but not least Chelsea. Chelsea just melted our hearts so we decided to inquire. Her caseworker contacted us and stated that if we were interested in Chelsea and her 5 year old brother we could submit our home study. We did just that and later that afternoon she called us to give us more information. We will hear one way or the other in 4-8 weeks. We will see where God leads us on this trail.

We have also been praying for Misty. She is a 5 year old with a heart condition in LA. For some reason she struck a cord in our hearts and we have been praying for her since early November. She was taken off the site earlier this month which means there is a family selected or the process is almost complete for the child(ren) to be matched with a family, we were so excited for her! Misty is now back on the site and we have chosen to inquire about her as well.

We do not always know why we do the things we do, but we would like to believe we are responding to the Holy Spirit and all He has for us.


the Colson's

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