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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Our hearts Our Broken!

Our hearts are broken, not because we didn't get children we wanted. We know God has his perfect timing. Our hearts are broken for all God's children, but these temporary orphans are so deserving of love and respect. We cannot help but weep for their loss and for their circumstances.

We submitted a home study for Delvon and Starr but have learned they were separated. Starr has been adopted but the family did not want Delvon. Delvon is 9 and most families will not want him so they chose to separate these two beautiful children in order to insure one a forever home. I just can't imagine the weight that must be crushing Delvon's heart right now. Delvon, God's heart is crushing too buddy, we know it is. We are praying for your forever family to find you soon!

While we are searching websites and responding to emails we have learned there are many sibling groups that have been separated not only from mom and dad but their siblings and they are hoping to be adopted together so they will still have each other. Oh how this causes our hearts to break and we are more anxious than ever to find our kids, He chose them for us before the foundations of the Earth, He named them, made plans for them and adopted them so when His perfect time came we could adopt them also. The most exciting part in all of this is it is for His good pleasure. We just love that! We get the blessings of His children, the children get parents and it is all for His pleasure, we just love it!

Please pray with us for the children who are in foster care. We can't help but believe with all our hearts that God chose a home for each child and if we are diligent in prayer those families on the fence will jump off and open their homes to the blessings that are eagerly waiting for them. There are families who have not even thought about adoption or maybe they did and brushed it off we pray God bring those thoughts back to not only their minds but their hearts too.

Thank you for supporting the temporary orphans! We have received a few books already and I finally finished getting them organized and online!

Blessings to you all!
The Colson's

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