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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sudden Panic

Not to burst a bubble or to seem negative but my mind goes to these places every now and then. Call them lies from the pit of H___ or whatever you want. We all go there from time to time. I know I go there far more than I should!

To the point. We have been praying for Joseph and Chelsea, we get that excited butterfly feeling when we think of them and we can imagine spending time with them on our Florida vacation, even Steve and Josh are thinking of them all the time. BUT... is this another dream not to come true? Another deep desire squelched for whatever reason - His will I know but why? How do my thoughts go there so quickly you ask? We turned in our home study and the next day they were not on the photolisting website, today they are there.

I know God has shown us to be still and wait, is this when we should contact the case worker again or are we to wait for her to contact us or for us to wait for other children? Our hearts are open to the children God chose for us don't get me wrong. Our hearts have just already fallen for these two precious children.

We ask for your prayers that God will bring peace to us on what to do next or if we are to continue to be still and know that He is God.

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