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Thursday, February 5, 2009

English Lesson

I am amazed at the scripture that we are reading each day!

Psalm 5:3
Listen to my voice in the morning, LORD.
Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

We are seeing a trend in what God is telling us...

We looked up wait, preparing and expectantly because they are the theme of the recent scriptures we are reading either from a daily subscription, Bible study or homework.

Prepare v 1. is to make something or somebody ready for something 2. To plan something in advance

Wait v 1. To stay in one place or do nothing for a period of time until something happens or in the expectation or hope that something will happen

Expectantly adj 1. Excitedly aware that something is about to happen.

Prepare; Get Ready, Organize, Plan, Set Up, Put in Order
Wait; Stay, Hang Around, Linger, Stop, Pass Time
Expectantly; Hopeful, In Suspense, Excitedly, In Anticipation, Anxiously

We are now more excited than ever. We are waiting on the Lord, what He is preparing for us and we are anxious!

We hope you are in a place you can hear God speaking to you, where you are excited for life and all He has to offer you.

Anxiously hanging out while God puts things in order!
the Colson's

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