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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday - Frantzy-Frantz!!!

 Happy Birthday Frantzy-Frantz!!

Yes, today our Frantzy-Frantz turns 5!!  WOW

Some of you have met Frantz and you know he is ALL boy!  He is busy and not much slows him down except maybe doing a little artwork and hopefully some school work.

Junior and Frantz

We can't wait to bring them home so we can begin experiencing life with them!   We hope and pray God's plan is to bring the kids home soon!
Monique and Frantz
We are still raising funds so if you are looking for a gift for someone check out our blog we have some cool Heaven Sent Haitians gear and we have some other products that are just great gifts!  

We love our kiddos and can't wait to bring them home!!

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