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Friday, February 18, 2011

Crying, Generosity and a Snid Bit

Wow, I can't stop crying!  The love of Christ for His children has and prayerfully continues to pour into our family.  We can not describe our gratitude.  There are simply no words.  Thank you will never be enough.

God gave us peace from the beginning He would provide for our adoption.  Now that was easy to believe in the moment, we had the income for it and planned on adopting one child.  One layoff, one major surgery and three kids later we did not waiver.  We have not been swayed by the costs, God gave us peace when we started the journey.  This is His journey for us not ours.  He knew when He gave us peace about adopting He had already chosen three, it was our mistake to think He planned on only one.

Here is our progress...  WHOOOO HOOOOO!!  We are going to try to post where the money has gone and is going we just haven't figured out how and where on the blog we want to put it.  If you would like to be on our email list please go to the contact us page and sign up.

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Snid Bit

 I was asked to share this portion of the story again so I will. This is only one small portion of our process that makes you say, "I know that I know God is in this and He loves us."  I knew from a small child I would adopt older children and I wanted a large family. So when God brought us two biological children with difficult pregnancies that led to bed rest and premature births decided two healthy biological children was a good place to stop and start realizing God placed adoption on my heart so long ago for a good reason.  From the time Josh, our youngest, was two I began praying for God to please bring me another child I had the perfect name boy or a girl but I was hoping for a girl.  I found myself begging at times, please bring another child I can name my special name.  When we received our referral for the kids we were so excited, we loved their names wouldn't change them, etc...  I love names, their meanings and look them up all the time. A few days went by after the referral and I had the time to research the kids names Monique - Counselor, Juniyo - Truthful, and Frantz - Free (all very fitting).  I then realized we knew Monique is Monique, Juniyo is Junior but I didn't know what Frantz translated into English as so I looked it up.  It's simple, it's Frank.  So where is this going?  I prayed for 11 years for God to bring me a child I could name Frankie.  Funny how He chose a child for me already named Frank? No, God loves us so much He goes beyond answering just our prayers.  He knew I would hate to change an older child's name once it came down to it. When we were in Haiti we called Frantz Frantzy-Frantz.  He loved it and so do we!!  God answered my prayer better than I could have ever hoped for, He gave me Frankie-Frank, a large family and He is providing just as He gave us peace for.
Our children are:
Worthy of Love
and Free
We know God planned that!
In Him,
The Colson's
Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantzy-Frantz

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