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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sobering Moments

We received the paperwork we need to file our I600 forms.  We thought with each step of the process we would be more and more excited.  We are happy do not get us wrong, we are so glad the process is moving forward.  We are not sure what this means in terms of waiting time, we know these papers usually do not come so quickly.  With this paperwork also comes the realization a mom loves her children with such depth she has chosen to sacrifice herself, her feelings, emotions, hopes and dreams to give them a second chance.  She placed her fingerprint on a piece of paper in hopes it would turn into an opportunity she is unable to give her children any other way. WOW!
As we comb through the full relinquishment of parental rights, consent to adopt and medical papers in French, translated into English and certified our hearts ache for this mom and all those like her.  We don't know how she feels, we can't even imagine losing the other unexpectedly and then giving up our children too.  The love and respect she has for her children, to give them to a family in hopes they will provide and make a difference she can longer make is beyond our capabilities to comprehend.
We also learned in all this paperwork the boys are a year younger than we were originally told!  Junior will be 9 this year in December and Frantzy just turned 4 on March 2nd, not 5!  Monique is in fact 11 and we are praying her home by October so she can be home for her 12th birthday on October 15th!!
With each passing day we long to hold our children.  We can't imagine what it will be like to go to Haiti, stand before the judge claiming these precious children as our own and then having to get on a plane back to Nashville without them.  We have large "sappy" hearts and  we can't imagine gathering up the courage to tell them "see you soon".  What does that mean?  To us it means we will be back as soon the paperwork is finished, we will not wait a day longer than we have to.  But is it 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 4 months?  No one really knows.  We do know our children have been in the orphanage FAR too long already. 
We have to look at the bright side.  Monique has a best friend for life - Ruth.  Monique and Junior have touched the lives of so many young and old!  They are there serving God, we can see it and we hope they can too.  Frantz makes a difference too.  We do not want to leave out our little  man.  I know he caused me to pause and pray when I was in Haiti, not even knowing God had already chosen him to be mine.
We love and miss our kiddos more each passing day.  We are praying for God's speed to bring them home quickly.  We are also praying for the finances.  God gave us peace about this adoption when the journey started, we are not fearful, we know He will provide.  Please, if you feel God nudging you to skip a coffee and donate, the button is on the right.  There is also tax free donation information a little further down on the right.  Every $1 counts.
In Him,
The Colson's
Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantzy

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Britmom said...

What a joy to receive your papers!and we will be praying for the funds to appear. We know the struggle with that aspect!

we are praying for you, your children, their family here and there with a love and commitment you understand.