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Monday, March 21, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait! and "Notes" to our Kiddos

Being prior military you would think Steve and I would have this "hurry up and wait" process down pat. No, we don't.  I mean really!?  Have you looked into the eyes of an orphan lately?  What about these three?  Oh, it hurts, it pains my heart we have to "wait", they have to "wait".  We "get it" but it doesn't take away the burden on our hearts to be able to just bring them home!
Junior, Frantz and Monique
Seriously we are waiting!  We wait for updates from others who go and visit their kiddos or just go on missions trips.  We wait for email updates from other families who are further along in their process than we are in ours or those who (bless their hearts) are further behind us in their process. We wait for updates from the orphanage on how the kids are doing and growing.  We wait for all the good news!  We relish in each piece of news like we never heard a word about it before, each picture as though it is the first one we have ever seen and each email hoping it is the one to let us know we are OUT of IBESR! (keep in mind we are not even in IBESR yet!)

We have met so many families online adopting from Haiti, Ethiopia, China, Russia, and... We have families in our church adopting from many countries as well.  These are friendships we are sure will last a lifetime. We know Monique, Junior and Frantz have friends in the orphanage and we know these are bonds that will also last a lifetime.  These are friends who have helped each other over come the loss of family, the trauma of not only an Earthquake but also a Hurricane. 
Besties - Junior, Monique and Ruth
While we wait, we are blessed and we need to count those blessings, give our praise to the Lord for each and every one of them trusting God will be bringing each orphan home to their forever families in His perfect time.  We pray for our children and the orphans of the World, they all need our prayers!

Our family is specifically praying for funding and for our children to come home by Monique's birthday October 15th.  One year ago she was living on the streets while her brothers lived in the orphanage not knowing if she would ever have a family or if see would ever see her brothers again.  On May 1st 2010 she was re-united (on paper) with her brothers.  God's plan for their adoption had begun and a few days later she was re-united with her brothers at the orphanage where they wait together for us to be able to bring them home!

Notes to Our Kids

Monique - "MoMo"  You are beautiful, worthy to be loved and you deserve to be "home" on your birthday my sweet love! We pray everyday for the paperwork process to go smoothly and quickly!  There are days that you are all I can think about.  I try to work but my mind is fixed on you, praying for you, hoping for you to come home soon.  We pray that some how you will be able to come home at the same time or very close to the same time Ruth gets to go home. We know Ruth's family and we plan to help you and Ruth stay in close contact with each other.  Amanda and I can't wait to help you pick out clothes, do your your hair and paint your nails! We are going to have fun doing all sorts of "girly-girl" stuff together! My sweet love you will be home in God's perfect timing and we can't wait! We love you!

Junior - "J.J.", "JoJo" You are so handsome and you too are worthy of love and deserve to come home!  We can't wait to learn more about you and see how gifted you are with cameras and playing sports!  Josh plans on helping you and your team with whatever sport you choose to play!  Papa (daddy) and I will be there too!  We do not want to miss you playing!  I know you are a deep thinker and I see in some of your pictures you are sad.  I understand but I hope you can have faith we are waiting and hurting with you.  Please do not be disappointed in Mama (mommy) or Papa (daddy), we are doing everything we can to bring you home as soon as we can.  I know we do not visit as often as other families, we want to but we can't.  When you are older you will understand until then trust that we are there with you in spirit.  You are an amazing young man and we can't wait to hold you in our arms right here at home in America.  My son, God's timing is perfect. We love you!

Frantz - "Frantzy-Frantz" = "Franky-Frank" You are a "fat mess", which in the United States is a compliment.  You have such a free spirit, are fun and loving - WOW!  We cannot wait to bring you home so you can unleash your free spirit here in Middle Tennessee!  This mama (mommy) loves you with all my heart! We can't wait to hug you and hold you, take you to your first day of school and oh the fun we will all have watching you grow up!

While we wait, we write, we pray and we imagine all the good times we will have once we are together as the "Colson Family".  We love you Mo, Jo and Frantzy-Frantz!!
Mommy and Daddy

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