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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Special Gift

OMgg... I received one of the greatest gifts in the World today! No it is not my birthday just a day God knew I needed to hear my children's voices!! Thank you Missy!!! Yes, I spoke with Monique, Junior and Frantz today - AMAZING!!! I am still teary eyed savoring the moment with each of them!

Here is the picture I received via text message after we hung up!

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sarah said...

oh steve and melanie....i always knew what big hearts you had. you are doing something i hope thousands of people will do and something i wish that i could do. i help the poeple of haiti right after the earthquake by getting my brother's hospital to donate a c-arm for my ortho doc's make shift OR. the stories they all come back with about how happy the children are is amazing considering all that they lost, including their families. God bless you and your family for doing such a wonderful, loving, life changing thing for all of you!

~sarah vichick