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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missing Haiti

Yes, another team has had the pleasure of spending a week with our kids!  Oh, how we miss them! We miss Haiti!! We love the pictures and the wonderful stories!!  We are being blessed with three awesome Heaven Sent Haitians from what we hear!

There are not words describe how we long to snuggle on the couch and watch what becomes their favorite movies.  We are just curious what lunch box they might pick out or what their favorite colors are.  There comes a point that the wonder becomes a longing, an ache in your heart.  When we go shopping we wonder...  Not just the girls either!!  Steve and Josh are even finding themselves saying "hey look, I wonder if ______ will like this?"  We have been pretty good at NOT buying anything.  Well, there is the shirt we got Monique and the cool hoodie we just found for Frantz.  Hey they were on clearance...  I am sure over te next several months we will no longer be able to control our wants for their needs.  They need clothes, toys, lunch boxes, etc...  Right?

Lord, we pray we don't have to wait longer than what feels like forever!

Amanda, Josh and I were able to talk with Junior on the phone last Thursday.  He has such an excitement in his voice.  He wants us to come visit but doesn't understand we have to pay for the adoption 1st then if there is money leftover we will visit.  We don't want to have to tell him that, we just want to go!!  He is a special young man!

Nous remen Monique, Junior and Frantz!

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Theuns said...

Hi Steven

We just become friends on FB

Good storie about Hahitie You did a great JOB.