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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Hope That Stares

Yesterday marked the six month anniversary of the Earthquake that devastated an already devastated and impoverished country.  A team just returned from Bethel house and the pictures from Port-au-Prince as you can see are no different than the pictures we took three months ago.  The devastation is still there.  There is a difference;  there are less volunteers and less money coming in to help.  People have forgotten, CNN has moved on and so has the World. Well all except Haiti and it's people.  They are still there sorting through the pain and devastation that shook not only the foundation of their Nation but the roots of their families. The devastation goes beyond what can be described in a simple blog post.

Our hearts break as we hear the hopelessness and apathy towards Haiti and her people.  Our family can't look at pictures from Haiti and not long to be there or at least do something to help.  Amanda and I can remember the men hard at work making "anything" they could to sell in order to put a meal on the table.  The children carrying water buckets on their heads for miles.  You do not see this in America, not even in the poorest area.  We are a "me" mentality in America.  We wait for the government issued unemployment check. There are help wanted signs all over this city yet there is an unemployment rate at it's peak?  "I don't want to work at Wendy's"  and there is a man in Haiti right now widdling the handle of a machete hopeful a tourist will buy it just so his family can have rice for dinner two or three times this week. He is hopeful if he sells two he can buy a chicken too.  Really.  I am fairly certain he would prefer a 9-5 job in the air conditioning making a solid salary but he is hopeful what he is doing will at least provide a little. 

Yes, there is a hope.  There is a hope that stares back at you which causes my heart to break for a people who have fallen victim to first a corrupt government and then a natural disaster.  How far does a people have to fall before their brothers and sisters will lend a hand without expectation of a return?
Please if you would like to help in anyway we know two solid ministries who have been sending teams to Haiti for years and we would gladly put you in contact with them.  You may not be able to take time off to serve in Haiti but you could donate supplies, sponsor a child, donate to an adoption fund or donate towards the sponsorship of someone who does want to serve but doesn't have the financial resources to go.

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