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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight"
(Proverbs 3:5-6, NIV)
Our lives have always been a bit unpredictable.  Some people would say we are very conservative but most conservatives do not move across the country with no family and no friends...  We had to trust the Lord in so many things at that juncture of our life there just isn't time to go into those details.  The point is we learned to trust and lean on the Lord.  He met our every need and He was never late.
We are honored again at this juncture of our lives to lean and trust again on the Lord to provide all our needs.  There is a monetary need obviously adopting three is not an easy monetary task.  We are concerned there but He is again providing and we are trusting.  We have paid a portion of the adoption expenses thus far but have been blessed with fund raisers that have provided an equal portion.  God has also provided an overwhelming peace in our hearts and minds, we have great excitement and anticipation with every fund raising event!  We know each event brings our children closer to home!
We are trusting blindly God will help us with our paperwork!   The sea seems endless but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We just want to be sure He is the paperwork, all the t's are crossed, the i's are dotted and that once our home study is complete and combined with the dossier that He with his infinite power causes it to fly through immigration, translation and on to Haitian soil where it will continue to need this infinite power!Yes, we are a little anxious to bring our kids home - like tomorrow!
We have to lean and trust that God is working in our children's hearts across the globe.  We pray for the peace of mind, that they are covered and overwhelmed with the same peace and excitement that we have.  They have had great loss at such tender ages and our hearts are gaping open with compassion for them and we know the Lord's is as well.
I cannot imagine the love and heart break of a Mommy who can come to the realization she can no longer take care of her children and selflessly but with great hope gives her children an opportunity for a second chance.  We are praying for this Mommy and all the single parents around the World who are making the same decision.  We do hope we will be able to meet the children's Mom and we hope we will be able to send her letters and pictures from time to time so that she will have the same rock solid peace about this adoption as we do.  We pray she is able to trust and lean on the Lord during this time as well.  We have some very large shoes to fill!
We are a spoiled Nation here in America.  (soap box)  We have a government that aids families so they do not have to give up their children.  I ask how many homeless families in America willingly give their children to family members or the State for an opportunity of a better life? We are a selfish Nation.  The selfishness starts here, right here with you and me. 
Really this boils down to just a few details; we are not only honored to be chosen for these three Heaven Sent Haitians we are honored God has given us another opportunity to lean and trust in Him and to draw us closer to Him individually and as a family!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Melanie~ Thank you for taking time to talk to me the other day. Could you please e-mail us at kipvals@gmail.com with the name/contact info of the social worker you mentioned? Praying for you all on this journey. Valerie