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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Daily Life and a Bed

We know the title is a bit odd but it fits us none the less.
This a day like any other since May 1, 2010.  We get up and go about our day stopping often to wonder if Monique, Jinyò and Frantz would be happy with our "plan of the day".  What will they think, say, do and... 
Some days like today we take this step a little further.  Joshua had a track meet today and we wonder if Monique or Jinyò will want to be on the team next year (surely they will be home by then).  Then we go on to wonder if they will be sprinters or long distance runners and how will we ever keep Mr Frantzy Frantz occupied at an all day track meet?  Surely we will manage!  We take it even further and wonder if they will like all the snacks, the gelato ice treats and...  We hope and pray they will love their new life and that they are just as excited about it as we are!
We can't wait to get them home and learn all the answers to these questions.  In the mean time we will keep wondering with excitement!  You know that butterfly feeling in your tummy excitement, yay! 

Oh a bed...  God provided a bed yesterday!  We can now sleep 8 comfortably on beds and still have the hide-a-bed if anyone dares to come visit!  We cannot describe how much all the outpouring of love means to our family.  We have been documenting everything so our children will always know how much they are loved not just by us but by our entire circle of friends and family.  Yes, He is in deed providing everything for Heaven Sent Haitians!  You ALL are sooooo AWESOME!!
The Colson's

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