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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Lord promises to never leave us or forsake us.  We committed to these children in true blind faith.  We know a portion of their story and learn more about them and their personalities from missions trip team members who are gracious enough to share pictures and stories.  We have 28 fans on facebook in a matter of only a few days and we are amazed at the outpouring of love from complete strangers for us and our Heaven Sent Haitians.
Today we have been blessed again with generosity.  When adopting you must have all these evaluations that prove your health physically and mentally some of these appointments are covered by insurance and well some are not especially when categorized as "for adoption".  God managed to pay for our psychological evaluation today - just a $350 savings and...
We could not have asked or at least wouldn't have asked...  A neighbor who was in our community group at church stopped by our garage sale and decided to go home to have a family meeting about our adoption; they decided to have an impromptu garage sale and are giving us all the money plus an additional donation.
God has covered every adoption expense so far and we are honored.  We truly are being blessed beyond measure with our Heaven Sent Haitians and the journey to bring them home.
We rest in His assurance that as He provides the funding to bring our children home He is also providing healing for their hearts.  We miss them more and more with every passing day!
Thank you again for walking with us in prayer and support!
Watch this video link of Jesus Loves Me  Jyinyò is on the far right and Monique is to his left.
In Him,
The Colson's

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