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Monday, June 21, 2010


We can tell by looking at pictures just how serious Jinyò is.  He seriously takes care of the younger children in the orphange and he especially takes care of his family; Monique, Frantz and us!
When our friends were leaving Haiti this weekend they went down to the crèche to say goodbye to the workers.  Jinyò was with the workers and he was very excited.  He proceeded to try and get Mike to understand he wanted a special picture for Mama Blanc.  Jinyò finally just grabbed Mike by the hand and took him to his bed.  Jinyò took out the family album we made for the kids and asked Mike to please take a picture of him with the book for "Mama Blanc".  Mike of course did so!  The pictures of this event will follow when he returns from his speaking engagement in Falls Creek Falls, TN.
The story continues with the kids learning that we live near Mike and Missy so they will get to spend time with their friends Tìa and Naika who were adopted earlier this year.  They were jumping up and down with pure joy!  We will have one huge Haitian family in Franklin, TN before long!
We are living and breathing on each story that comes back from Haiti.  This is our life link to our kids that we so dearly miss each and every day.  We cannot express in words just how our hearts ache to pick them up, twirl them around, kiss their foreheads and love them forever!!

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