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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Treading Water

A few weeks ago Jeff Helton gave a profound message at Fellowship Bible Church.  A message I think most all of Fellowship needed to hear on one level or another. 

Jeff spoke about being on the end of the plank of a pirate ship and God sort of poking him with the idea of jumping off, feet first.  Jeff admitted he doesn't swim well, we likes the comforts of solid ground and things that are familiar.  Don't we all?  I know I personally can't swim and prefer warm water which would not typically be found if jumping off a plank.

Well Steve and I are finding ourselves on the end of the same plank except we sort of jumped we just decided to grab the plank and have been hanging on with our finger tips for a couple years.  God being the gentleman that He is did not step on our fingers but He has made it very clear it is time to let go!

So...  we let go!  We are now treading in this unfamiliar water of adoption that is full of a million emotions, excitement, fear, doubt, anxiousness and the list goes on.  I think the biggest doubt we have at the moment is the sea of paperwork that we just can't seem to get to the bottom of and we know there is more to come!!

We have three beautiful children waiting on the other side of this sea and we can say we are everyday working on this stack of paperwork trying to get to the bottom!!

We have a garage sale fundraiser planned for June 5th...  donations and volunteers are welcome!

Thank you to all of you who stand beside us in this swimming journey of faith.


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