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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Diligently Working!

The kids have been to the doctor, there is more paperwork that has been filled out.  Steve and I have our appointments made... 

Josh has had a great week trying out got the Page Panthers football team.  We hope next week is just as good!!  Josh is also running track and LOVES it! He is very sore with 2.5 hours of football and then 2 hours of track - the kid id sore and tired!!   Josh is very excited to go to public school next year to hang out with friends and play football!

Amanda is helping us fill out all the forms in her spare time.  Skating takes a lot of time and school is almost over for her this year.  One more final paper to write for History.

This week we have another busy schedule and will be slowed down a little on the adoption  end of things but we are going to do our best to still get some paperwork done and other important appointments made.  Having been in the military we have extra paperwork to fill out - YEAH!  :o)  We can't wait really, this is all for our beautiful Haitian children.

It is time to get busy cleaning and organizing  another closet!  Our neighborhood is having it's bi-annual yard sale Saturday June 5th so we have to get all the clutter ready for sale!  I posted this news on Facebook and a friend posted back that she will donate things so...  We thought that was a great idea and we are going to have this be one of our fundraisers!  So...  if you are one of our Nashville friends - it is time for Spring cleaning!

Have an awesome day today and for all you Mom's - HAPPY Mother's Day!!

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