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Thursday, May 20, 2010

2x4's and Stars

Sometimes I just wonder if God hits us with a 2x4 so He can laugh in our dizzy star gazing amazement or if He has this all planned all along and we are just too slow to get it without being hit by the 2x4!  Just random thoughts that cross my mind when I realize we are adopting 3 of God's beautiful Haitian children and we are ill prepared by every stretch of the imagine not to mention in the stark here and now reality.  I mean really does God realize this?  Of course He does!  That is why we have this astounding peace now that the stars are done circling our heads!

Faith... Giving the fact that history repeats itself over and over again.  How can we ask if He will provide or if He knows raising 5 kids in a 3 bedroom house is an equation for insanity.  Hasn't He provided and known all along?  We can look back and say there is not a time He has left us or forsaken us.  We have had as little as .67 in our checkbook when a neighbor forgot they were going out of town and asked us to please take her groceries so they wouldn't go bad and the time there was just enough cash left on our windshield to tithe and pay all the bills that were coming due to the penny and...

God has moved more mountains in our life than we would rather count but we rejoice that He was with us enduring every step of the way.

We realized that if you look at our circumstances, the "mountain" we choose to climb up and over and nod your head in disbelief or you out right think we are crazy.  We rejoice because that confirms in our hearts we know we are right where God wants us to be doing exactly what He wants us to do. 

One day I hope to learn without the 2x4 and stars and I am sure God is looking forward to that day too!  Funny, He already knows when that day will come and He rejoices with each 2x4 and starry moment because He knows it is one less before I learn!! 

We can't wait to bring our kids home.  Amanda and Josh are anxious and it is more difficult everyday to keep them tethered to Earth.  We are so blessed to have children who love with such a deep unconditional love!

Thank you for walking with us on this journey of obedience and faith.

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