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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Battle vs War

The interesting part of fostering that most people do not understand is that we do not "keep" the children. Is that a good thing? In some cases yes. Most children do eventually need to go back "home". Is that home what you and I would call home? No, most likely not, but it is their home, it is their mom and or dad and it is what they know.

What you know can be comfortable even if it is neglect, abuse or abandonment. This is why we believe change is so hard even for those of us who are not neglectful, abusive and would never consider abandoning our children. We can all strive to be better and how hard is it for you to change? Change is hard even if it is good, especially for a child torn from their home and the only "normal" they knew.

The best we could explain to our children is the analogy of war. There are several, sometimes 100's of battles fought in a war each side loses some of those battles but ultimately only one side can win. Yes, we we've lost a battle or two but we are still in the war. We have learned about the war we are in, we are learning and developing skills to better defend the innocent and with each battle we will become more skilled and hopefully the children will begin winning more and more battles. After all if we do not fight for the children who will, they certainly cannot fight on their own.

We, unlike the state, are of the mind set that sometimes these children need a new home and that change even though it would be hard will be ultimately in the best interest of the child. Just like in battle and a soldier has wounded a limb, the limb might not be repairable and it needs to be amputated. The soldier might fight and cling to the limb, reach for it even after it is gone but ultimately the limb needed to be removed in order to save the soldiers life. There wasn't anything anyone could do to change the limb or repair the limb so it had to be amputated. God calls this pruning.

Yes, God is battling for these children as well. As important as the sparrow is to God I know He has gone before us and is along side us and together we will win battles for children and eventually the children's rights for safety, permanence and well-being will be regarded as a higher priority than any parental right. Putting the children first at all costs will be winning the war.

We serve a mighty God!
Colson JAMS

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Lindsey said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT.....they are so needed today!! What a challenge!!