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Monday, September 8, 2008

Court for Case #1

Mom for child 1 & 2 goes to court today. She is petitioning for more frequent visitation. We stand beside her in this decision and petition. This is a mom despite all her iniquities, truly loves her children. With help, knowledge, examples and people to walk beside her we know she can do this and do it well. She loves her children above everything. We all have vices, things we struggle with and sometimes those things win over higher priorities in our lives. Are we condemned for them, do we lose our children over them? No we are given the mercy and grace of God every time. This mom has not been given that by the courts or by her own family.

We are not saying what this Mom did was right or that the State didn’t have the right to intervene. What we are saying is this mom deserves the resources to help her be the Mom she so deeply desires to be. Her family does not support her but we do. We see the struggles she has overcome one by one, we see the realistic goals she has set before herself and we walk beside her to obtain those goals.

Nearly 2.5 months ago the court stepped in and took these children from our care and handed them over to the family that does not support Mom. The family lives in Mississippi and although they promised the court every other weekend visits to Nashville they have come only once a month allowing mom only a couple hours each weekend. She deserves to see her children a few hours each week. This will strengthen the will and desire she has to be “that” mom her children so deserve and that she is so deeply striving to be.

Please stand with us in prayer for this mom and her two beautiful children. These are 3 of God's precious children needing the body of Christ to lift them up and walk with them.

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