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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful for News!!

We are in MOI, Ministry of the Interior.  We have to stop and ask ourselves how did we get here?  A year ago I (Melanie) was still recovering from major surgery and was very unsuccessful in obtaining the necessary documents needed for our dossier.  We struggled for several months just to get our home study done! Seriously what takes most families 3-4 months took us 10 LONG months.  So to be here is SO surreal!

We ordered a specific investigation to be done on our children to ensure they are truly orphans and provided that investigation doesn't take more than a minute our children should be home very soon!  Very soon to us is before the Holidays.  We had hopes the children would be home by October 15 so Monique could be home for her birthday.  Our God is a God of miracles but that is only 2 weeks away.
In the mean time we are looking at another fund raising event!  We are getting so close to bringing the children home and so close to our financial need!  Can you believe we raised almost $30,000 in just 8 SHORT months?  We can!  Because of your commitments financially, prayerfully and just walking with us God has answered and He is providing one dollar at a time!!  Thank you will never be enough!
Our next project?  We are hopeful we will be doing a both hands project.  This organization teams the adoptive family up with a widow.  We will send out letters requesting donations for the supplies and costs to repair her home.  The hope is we will have all the supplies donated, the funds donated will far exceed the costs, we have enough on deck hands to help and it will be a win/win/win situation!  The widow will have her much needed repairs, our kids will be funded and all donations are of course tax deductible!

We will need volunteers; the much appreciated ones who will donate, people who will write letters to their friends and family on our behalf, people who will help get supplies donated and of course the hard workers those of us who will do the actual repairing.  Please contact us at heavensenthaitians@gmail.com if you are interested in helping in any way with our adoption.

There are lots of ways you can help with our adoption besides prayerfully and financially.  This is the hard part for us, don't like asking for help and this help goes deeper.  Adopting takes a team of players, period.  Typically adoptive families have mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, and... the Colson's well we just have us and a few dedicated friends.  So we are looking for support team members.  The people who want to be apart of the adoption once the kids are home.  To help with getting settled into a daily routine, tutoring, encouragement, respite care and...  Basically this is loving us on the good days and well the not so good days and then the truly honestly horrible days.

Don't forget we are also selling gear through our "support us" tab and you can window shop on www.147millionorphans.com and then purchase through us via email or phone 615-594-9954 and a portion of each purchase goes towards feeding an orphan and our adoption.  I know 147 gear makes great Christmas and birthday gifts.

You all are fabulous and we are honored by each of you walking with us.

The Colson's
Steve, Melanie, Amanda, Joshua, Monique, Junior and Frantzy-Frantz!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I googled Haiti adoption blogs and found you. We are in the final process of our adoption from Haiti. It was final in Haiti on 9/14/11. We are waiting on the approval of our I600 on the US side. They said it takes approximately 60-75 days. We are on day 43. I would love to get in touch and find out any additional information you may have. My email address is jenniferbradley96@yahoo.com. Thank you,Jennifer