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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Soon and Very Soon...

You know He is never late and He is never too early...  He is always on time, His timing is perfect!
I say this because I constantly need to be reminded, I am His perfectly impatient child.

When I woke up this morning, it was no different than any other morning.  I woke up and immediately began praying for all the orphans in the World and for all the people in the adoption systems to have their hearts broken for these orphans.  That some how God would move the mountain of adoption red tape and bring His children home so they would no longer be labeled as orphans.  When I say praying it is more like demanding, pleading and even sometimes begging.  God's word says to go "boldly" before His throne so I hold nothing back!  He knows my heart anyway so I let it fly this morning.

They are not orphans,  they are Your chosen children, chosen before the foundations of the Earth were formed,  that just have not yet made it home.  Lord, bring your children home!  How hard is it anyway, You just say the word and it is done so do it! The children need to come home, they need to be home!!

My morning routine is typical, I am a creature of habit...  Prayer, a little reading, regular morning stuff, etc... So once I made it to our little office with my coffee I of course was ready to post my daily verse on facebook.  I logged in and saw the messages still waiting for me from the night before plus 1 and thought wow how popular am I?  I posted my verse and went on to read the messages... 

"We are out of IBESR"...  Praise God is all I can say, He is answering my prayers, one by one!!   Yes, we are still waiting for our email from the orphanage but God is showing me just how faithful He is.  In my desperation and plea for Him yesterday and this morning He had already responded by answering my prayers for these families to bring their children home.  He is faithful and with every family that exits IBESR we are one file folder closer!!  AMEN!!!

My praise goes to the Lord, He is awesome, mighty and worthy to be praised! 

Soon and very soon...

I believe!



The Estes Family said...

Your next! I know you are!

Britmom said...

Praying these three gifts home with every fibre of my being tonight. Asking God to send aid to the answer that it may not delay and to open the doors and set these children in their home!