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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Achey Breaky Heart

We can say that right?  After all we grew up in the 80's and Billy Ray lives here in Nashville so...

Yes, my heart aches.  At times it aches so bad I find myself calling out their names out loud.  I know with this season the weather is nice, the windows are open and even our neighbors hear my cry.   I don't care.  My hope is when I cry out the sound transfers across the ocean as a huge bear hug, that some how our children know we love them more than they will ever know.
The realization of the new government is sinking in.  The "changing of the guard" so to speak.  We are praying the current IBESR director will feel compelled to sign off on ALL those dossiers sitting in and around her office.  I am not sure when she leaves her office but once she does it is anticipated the dossiers will not move out of IBESR until July.

Why must children wait?  Yes, we are waiting and I am perfectly impatient but a child is counting on a forever home and they have to wait on a signature? 
Our children are old enough to see the time pass by.  I hope when they are older they will advocate for orphans speaking from experience.  From what we are told our kids are just like us, they are Colson's and they will fit right in.  So I will not be surprised if one or all of them take up a cause.  When a cause strikes a passionate cord within a Colson's soul there is not much that will stand in the way of change.  We are praying for their passions now so look out World!!

Yes, I am on a soap box.  Brothers and Sisters in Christ I urge you to pray with us and other families adopting from Haiti.  Our children need to be allowed to come home and not to sit in limbo for 2 more months while the directors change offices.  The Lord's timing is perfect and He will hear our prayers.  I urge you to dedicate one small prayer a day to orphans around the World.  So many are caught up in red tape and it is just not fair to the children.

Ephesians 6:18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.

Efèz 6:18:
Pandan n'ap fè tou sa, pa janm bliye lapriyè. Mande Bondye konkou li. Lapriyè nan tout sikonstans avèk pouvwa Sentespri a. Se poutèt sa, pa kite dòmi pran nou, kenbe fèm nan sa n'ap fè a. Lapriyè pou tout pèp Bondye a.
Please pray for us.

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shellandjim said...

Beautifully written and the cry and heartbeat of my heart today too! Would you mind if I share some of your words on my blog today too.........the more praying the better! Have you heard that it is possible that she could just sign all the Dossier's waiting before she leaves??? That would be a prayer come true for sooooo many of us!!! Can you imagine us all finally meeting as we go in unity to bring our babe's home?! Please Jesus make it so we pray!