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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amazed, Awed and Breathless

First of all thank you will never be enough!  We cannot thank Puffy Muffin, our volunteers or  our contributors enough!  God blew our socks off Sunday at the Puffy Muffin and we just do not have the words to describe it!

There were moments our breath was literally taken away!  The tables were full and at times there was a line out the door!  I kept thinking God loves our kids this much!!  Then God reminded me "No, they are my kids just like you are and I love each of you this much!"  This took my breath away.  I know God loves me, we all know He love us - right?  No, every now and then we need to be reminded (shown) of not just the depth of His love but the breadth.

Please enjoy these pictures of what our family deems as one of the best days of our lives! Be sure to scroll all the way down, there is a very nice surprise there too!!  Then check out the photo section of our blog where all the photos from the day will be posted very soon!

Whitney our young cook with Mr. Burns

Our average volunteer age was 16, yes 16!  Our teens worked from 9am until 4pm without skipping a beat, taking a break or even hinting they wanted to quit!!  We could not have pulled this off without ALL our volunteers!! 

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to scroll to the end...

Josh our dishwasher (13)

MacKenzie one of our star waitresses (15)

Erin and Sarah (16 and 14)
(And the 14th was someone's sweet 16!)

 Shannon and Amanda (both 16)
Scott and Steve (adults...)


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This graph represents our first payment to the orphanage.
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DonationsTracker.com - Live Donations Tracking for 1st Payment to Orphanage
It is never too late to volunteer or to donate.  For volunteer opportunities contact the Colson's at heavensenthaitians@gmail.com and/or to donate just click on the donate button or scroll up and to the right you should see how to make a tax deductible donation.

Walking in abundant faith with Christ who is our strength, shield, healer, redeemer, friend and OH so much more!!

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