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Sunday, September 5, 2010

It has been a while...   First we want to remind everyone we still have plenty of T-Shirts!! 

We have had two more AWESOME phone calls with the kids.  The most amazing thing I found in the last call was I immediately recognized who I was talking to!  It was like the kids were on vacation with Uncle Brent and gave Mom a call!  I love it!  Opening night of our football season, it was perfect timing!

The stories of the kids are great!  They seem to poor in and then slow down...  We are in a drought and are feeling it deeply.  The conversations are constant about how we can speed up "red tape"!  We put pressure on ourselves and then Amanda and Joshua are just as eager as we are!  We can say that our home study should finally be in the final stages!  Hopefully we will have it back in about 2 weeks and then off to the translator!  We will be able to resubmit our A600 which now requires the home study be submitted with the application.  Then it is waiting for our finger print date and...  There were a few forms you could run simultaneously but it seems times have changed a bit and well we get to wait.

There is a new law going up for vote in Haiti to allow children to go straight to passport and then home once their paperwork has successfully been through IBESR.  This is several weeks if not months off the waiting period!  We are on our knees praying for this to be passed quickly!!

We have met a few new friends along this adoption process.  Some are adopting from various countries, some from Haiti and a couple who are adopting from the orphanage.  We are asking for prayer for all these families.  All are slated to bring their children home before us so we ask that you pray for us as we wait patiently for ours!  God is always on time, He is never late nor is He early.  Help us see this clearly.  When I say us, that is all of us.  We are not sure ow much of this adoption process Monique, Junior and Frantz understand.  As children are going home and they are staying are praying they know their turn will come too.

We do thank you for your support in prayer, those who have purchased t-shirts and those who have just generously donated.  So far God as provided 50/50 for our adoption and we are so grateful.  We will continue to covet your prayers in our journey.

You are God's best!
The Colson's

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