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Friday, April 30, 2010

Heaven Sent Haitians

We were given the news today that we have been referred to our Heaven sent Haitians!! Monique (10), Junior (8 in the pictures) and Franz (4 in the pictures). We will soon have pictures of Monique too.

Their story: The children's father died of HIV this past year and the mother can no longer care for her children. The boys were placed int he orphanage but Monique is too old. "No one adopts older children and no one adopts sibling groups of 3". So glad we serve a mighty God!! Monique is currently living on the street and sometimes with her mother. Tomorrow Dr Bernard will go and pick Monique up so she can begin spending time with her brothers again! The children are all tested before a referral can be made and all three children are healthy!

When Amanda and I were in Haiti (a 3rd world country), on our 3rd day serving in the cretch (the infant orphanage) God placed these two boys on my heart. I began praying for them, laying my hands on them, praying for their forever family and hoping large for them. The following evening I spoke with the director of the orphanage regarding adoption and where our hearts were. We were open to a sibling group because kids should have their siblings and as we spoke this sibling group of 3 came up. It was easy for me to guess who the boys were even though they look nothing alike. God had already placed them in my heart.

I emphasized the 3's above becuase for months God has pointed out the times of day that the numbers are 3 of the same 1:11, 2:22 and... Not not all of them but once a day and it is typically 3:33. We also see these numbers in triplicate on license plates, billboards, phone numbers and... We haev looked up scriptures God might be trying to get into our heads and nothing just popped out until now. We were in a 3rd world country, it was the 3rd day and it is a sibling group of 3... Not a coincidence. We have had 11 foster children in our home - 2 were sibling groups of 3 and these beautiful children will make the 3rd and the list goes on.

We are so excited!!!

We will post the new pictures soon!!!

In Him,

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Anonymous said...

Hello Melanie,

My name is Matt. I serve with the Christian Alliance for Orphans, and I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to be a part of an effort we’re now organizing.

A core goal of the Alliance is uniting believers to work together on orphan issues and to speak with a united voice on behalf of orphans. As we’ve seen through recent initiatives like Orphan Sunday, our voice and impact is far more powerful when we’re interconnected and working in unison.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to talk further about what this would look like by emailing me at matt@christianalliancefororphans.org!

With Appreciation,