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Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 under 3

Fostering is definitely a challenge but when you have 3 under 3 you are not kidding it is challenging!! What blessings each is though!!

Logan has a heart of gold and is so eager to please! He is trying to get potty training down and is so excited! His favorite thing in the whole wide world is Thomas the train.

Landon has a cheerful heart and always has a smile on is face! Landon is trying to use some words, well we are trying to get him to use his words! He loves monkeys which is a good thing because he is a silly monkey!

Alyssa is a joy! We are trying to get a schedule and learn what this little chubpetta likes! Amazing how much she has grown in 11 days! her little feet did not touch the ground in her excersaucer when we got her but they sure do now! No wonder we didn't sleep through the night last night!

Just keep praying for these beautiful children!


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