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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hope, Faith and Love

Meet Markita... Keep reading to learn more!

Sometimes in the midst of a storm the Lord quiets my soul with His Word. I am not saying a specific scripture comes to mind and I get a new revelation about it, I am saying He causes my memory to pull scriptures through rather than thinking about the "mess" I am in. Oh how I love my Daddy!!

We are asking for prayer for our kids. Our kids are great don't get me wrong, they just need prayer regarding adoption. They are both so anxious it is unnerving at times. When I was 12 and 14 I had only three people on my mind, ME, MYSELF and I!! Not Josh and certainly not Amanda. They are pretty specific with their order too!! The child must be of African American or biracial decent, the child must be under 9 and... They would prefer a boy and a girl, twins would be perfect somewhere between the age of 18 months and 3 years old. Our God is a big God and he can answer their prayers but this a tall order and are Steve and up for that much energy?

We would also like to pray for the kids God has for us. We pray that He is guarding their hearts, that they would transition as easy as possible and that they would be open to Him early on, that they will accept our love as whole and sincere from Him.

We have sent in inquiries for what seems like 100 kids! We are still waiting!

We recently inquired about Markita, she will turn 8 on 7/26/09, she is beautiful!! We have heard from her adoption specialist and have spoken at some length with her regarding Markita. We have been down this road before and are trying to not to get too excited!

We have faith that if God chose Markita for us before the foundations of the Earth He will show Himself strong in this, we have Hope that if Markita is not to be ours God did still choose the children for us and He is preparing our hearts and theirs and we of course have Love that will endure and hold each inquired about child close to our hearts in prayer for His will for them.

Blessings to you all!

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