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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Florida and Hope

Florida - AWESOME!!
Cocoa Beach - was nice, beautiful and well needed - twice I might add. One thing the Colson's do at the beach is bury at least one family member, that would typically be Josh.

Kennedy Space Center - A must for anyone, all ages, it is superfantabulous!!! Not only was the center awesome we were able to see an actual launch - history - INCREDIBLE!! We all four loved the space center and would go again with or without an actual launch.

Disney World - Like it but it is the same as Disney Land - everyone said they are so different and "World" is sooo much better - NOT, they are the exact same park. Now the parks around them are different but nothing to be that excited about. Disney Land has parks around it too.

Disney's Animal Kingdom - Loved it!! Safari, cute and fun!! Mount Everest is a MUST! Simply one of the best roller coasters I have ever ridden (and I don't really like them). Wish we had the patience to stand in line for another 90 minutes! It was to die for!! As we were leaving the park I was looking for this one special gift in and out of every gift shop (Steve was about to die but he new the gift was important so he stuck with me). The last shop and I found my little gift, not what I was hoping for but I liked it and it was well received so... The most amazing part was as I walked out of the shop there were Jasmine and Dylan, our first foster kids!! What? Trully a delight to see them!! Please pray for them and the family that they live with.

Daytona Beach - AAAAAHHHHHH! Now that was almost as close to heaven on Earth as I have ever been. Nice white sandy beach, clean, beautiful day and aaaahhhhh!

We have stood on hope for most our lives. There are many reasons why some good and well some not so good. We can say God has turned all the not so good into His glory just as His word promises. We are going to stand on that word now too.

We drove down with hopes of being chosen for Joseph and Chelsea and being able to at least meet them. This did not happen. We did learn while we were there that another family had been chosen but the match failed. We are sad because it is another loss for Joseph and Chelsea but we continue to have hope that we will be chosen this time. Hope that God is causing the case workers to favor us, our homestudy is always on top, our names do not slip their minds and....

We will always pray for Joseph and Chelsea, God gave them to us for at least that and we will honor Him by praying for them daily, hoping God's best for them and their forever family whomever they might be.

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